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I have gone through 25 rounds of radiotherapy and 6 rounds of chemotherapy. My son gave me a product called LIFE FAXTOR before i even started my treatment sessions. After starting on LIFE FAXTOR, my son noticed i do not have the side effects like hair fall or loss of mobility and appetite after the chemo as described by doctors. I'm thankful to my son. 

Puan Johara Bte. Nordin, 62

I'm a bank officer; as usual my work is busy and stressful till it affects my health very badly. I used to see doctors for consultation but can’t find a suitable one till I met B4 It Happens wellness centre. I’m happy with their proper consultation and good understand about my health .After taking NES supplement and restored my intestine to an optimum condition. Since then I had the great improvement in my health like Good appetite. Good blood circulation, good digestion and reduced gastric pain.

Wong Sook Wah , 45

I am a diabetic on insulin injections for more than 30 years. I have constant bouts of diarrhea and digestive issues for many years. My immunity is poor especially every I travel or change my environment. I never knew why until now. I learn to better control my sugar and food intake, regained my digestive health and dramatically improve my immunity and energy level. I am very happy to be in control and know what to do with my health.

Phan Foong Chin, 66

I'm suffering asthma attacked for 2 weeks and unable to sleep even with all medication and inhaler etc. Only after one session of the spa & sauna, coughing miraculously ceased and able to have a good night sleep. Condition also improved thereafter.

Mdm Chow Joan Pheng, early 60s

I’m suffering from slip disc at my back for 4 month and went for hospital treatment and the doctor advised me to do an operation which is very costly. Since I’m still a student, I cannot afford it. Then I discover about the treatment done in B4 after trying their spa and sauna services. After 3 times acupuncture on my back, I feel the pain is reducing and now I can walk and sleep comfortably.

Mio, 28

I feel numbs at my hand and do not know why is it happen. I thought something problems with my hand and did not take it seriously. I did not go for any treatment for that but after I came to B4, they told me that it could be from my neck. After one time doing acupuncture at my neck, immediately I did not feel the numbness already.

Pn Rohani

My gout pain totally disappeared! Just after 3 session of the hydro therapy & FIR detox therapy. At the same times, I suffer from many problems to do with my rich diet ,but could not get the kind of advice I needed to convince me to change. I can see and understand now how my actions directly created the problems I have. That empowerment.

Jacky Lai, 25