3D Molecular Resonance Scan

The Physiospect is an Non-Linear Scan (NLS) biofeedback system, connected to a computer it can determine the stress level of all organs and systems and identify almost every known pathological condition, disease and illnesses, even before there are any physical symptoms.  This Russian technology is an advanced bio-resonance technique for evaluating the energetic and qualitative state of the human body through an organ by organ basis. It allows for the discovery of energetic weaknesses and imbalances on the organ structures and the evaluation of health conditions and stressors against its vast database.

How does it work?

  • NLS send an infra red triggering signal of extremely low intensity to the biofield around the brain via special designed headphones.
  • NLS operates on frequencies. Every organ, every cell in the body,every bacteria and viruses has a specific frequency.
  • The physiospect will investigate the unique frequency of the intended tissue.
  • The device scan each organ and tissues on a cellular level. Compares the measurement to a database of thousands of reference diagnoses and conditions. 

3D Scan includes:
   -  Heart (eg. Artheroclerosis, Arrhythmia)
   -  Stomach (eg. Gastritis, ulcer)
   -  Gut and Colon (eg. Gastroentritis, Colitis)
   -  Liver and Gallbladder (eg. Fatty Liver, Cholecystitis)
   -  Pancreas (eg. Pancreatitis, insulin dependant diabetes)
   -  Blood Cells (eg. Anemia, Angiostaxis)
   -  Lung (eg. Bronchitis)
   -  Kidney (eg. Nephrolithiasis, Hyperuraturia)
   -  Reproductive system (eg. Prostate Adenoma, Womb myoma)
   -  Thyroid (eg. Goitre, Hyperthyrothism)
   -  Adrenal (eg. Adrenal atrophy)
   -  Spleen (eg. Mononucleosis, Allergy)
   -  Thymus (eg. Mononucleosis)
   -  Bones (eg. Osteoporosis, Gout)


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