Corporate Programme

We offer onsite and customizable health screening throughout the country. If you are looking for employee health screening as part of your company welfare programme, look no further. Contact us and we will help to customize a hassle free programme for your employees.

Our health screenings are non-invasive, using the 3D Bio Resonance Scan technology and the TCM Pulse Reading. Our team of qualified TCM physicians and Nutritionists can be onsite to assist your employees with any health concerns or queries that they may have following the screening.  

Call us at 03-7492 1963 or email for more information. Give us some information about your event - the date & duration of the event, the venue and the number of people. Our team will work closely with you to derive the most suitable health screening programme for your employees. At B4ItHappens, we believe in good health for a more productive workforce.