Hydrosonic SPA

The explosions of millions of strong bubbles colliding with one another every second emit natural supersonic, energy and generate 10,000-15,000 micro tremors per sec.

Supersonic Wave Energy is a high frequency sound wave – no humans can hear emitted from whales, dophins and bats to communicate. Supersonic Wave Energy applied in water –“cavitation” take place air bubbles are created through contraction & increase in pressure.

The physical effects caused by high pressure helps to remove completely any contamination and surface protein matter lying on skin, Ultrasonic Wave able to penetrate through our liquids and absorbed by the bone.

5 Major Benefits

1)   Internal Warming 
Feel the soothing warmth as ultrasonic waves drive heat deep into your body, warming your bones, and internal organs and improving your blood circulation.

2)   Deep cleansing
Powerful bubbles from this home spa product clean 1.5 million capillaries in the skin, bringing intense nourishment. Allows skin tissues to breathe better. Body generates 0.05 sqm of dirt every day. SG-2000 takes about 5 min to loosen grease and 1 week of continuous use will complete the whole cleansing process.

3)   Total Body Massage 
Massages 320 main acupoints across the body. 5 minutes bath is equal to 1 hour professional massage. Supersonic wave introduce approx. 1127 massage per sec across the body. Hundred thousands of small energy bubbles press and stimulate the whole body every second massaging 320 acupoints across the body. Relieves tension and fatigue, relaxes and balances, massages the backbone and encourages the production of red blood cell, white blood cells, etc. Internal organs are stimulated, blood and lymph circulation are facilitated and muscles are relaxed. Giving a full body massage, this treatment burns fat, eliminates flabby tissue, improves the bust line, shapes the body and fills the user with confidence.

4)    Exercise & Leisure 
Ultrasonic bath produce 10,000~15,000 micro-tremors per second (1.5kg/cm2 on the skin), has the effect of a complete body workout. Experts believe that the effect of 15 minutes of ultrasonic bath is equivalent to 3 to 5 km run. Provides effective passive exercise. It doubles up as a spa a lazy man’s exercise machine.

5)   Beauty whitening, Slimming and Body Contouring 
This home spa product can remove dead skin cells and ozone kills germs and whitens skin. Every min. a million bubbles provide beauty treatment of slimming professional standard for every inch of your skin. After using for 15 min, 300-400 calories were burnt– an effortless way to have fairer complexion and slimmer body.

Each session for 15 minutes.
RM 35 Spa only for 1 sessions
RM 180.00 Spa only for 6 sessions