We are a passionate team of medical doctors, nutrition therapists, and complementary medicine practitioners who work together to provide you with a complete, safe and non-evasive treatment.

Our approach to therapy is to treat the whole person, to solve problems at their root causes and to nourish the body with cutting edge, evidence based nutritional science.

Our commitment to you:

We channel your valuable resources into evidence-based treatment without excessive diagnostic testsWe value the delicate physiological balance of the body, and therefore utilize physician grade cellular nutrients and phytotherapy in synergistic combination to treat the root cause of health conditions Our integrative approach encompasses professionals from three backgrounds: western orthodox medicine, modern Chinese medicine and nutritional medicine

Appearance from left - right:

Lee Chun Hsien - Nutritionist

Dr. Choo Woei Loon (M.D (U.S.M)) - Integrated Therapist 

Dr. Lew Chun Choi - TCM practitioner

Dr. Koay Ee Sian (M.D (U.S.M)) - Integrated Therapist 

CEO and Founder of B4ItHappens Sdn Bhd

Mr. Phang Chew Yew is the CEO and Founder of B4ItHappens Sdn Bhd. His background is in business administration but decided to venture into the health and wellness industry upon discovering that the health problems which usually occurs in the society nowadays are lifestyle and stress related. He believes that many diseases can be prevented before they happen if we find the weakest link in the chain before the chain snaps. 

In terms of treatment, Mr. Phang uses a comprehensive four-step approach - firstly, evaluating the underlying root cause, next, detoxify and cleanse the body in preparation for therapy, thirdly, regulating and restoring the area of stress and damage, and finally, nourishing the body to repair the damage and maintain optimum condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

TCM Dr. Lew Chun Choi is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor with more than 10 years of experience in acupuncture. Dr. Lew holds a Degree of Chinese Medicine from China, and a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine from College of Chong San Medical Academy, Taiwan. His approach holds true to the three principles of TCM - the Yin/Yang theory, Qi and the Five Elements, and works to regulate and increase the flow of Qi in the body in order to strengthen a person's immune system.