TCM Diagnostic Approach

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with a history of more than 2000 years, has formed a unique system to diagnose and cure illness.

TCM holistic concept includes integrity of the body and its relationship with the outer world. It says that the body is an organic whole, all the component parts are interconnected, they dependent and restrict each other physiologically, influence each other pathologically. 

Pulse reading session with our TCM physician

The five organs act as the core functional units, and through the linking of the meridian system, a complex set of interrelationships is formed within the body. Every part of the body has special relationships with the five organs. Qi (vital energy), blood and body fluids are the material basis for various body functions; they flow through the body to facilitate all parts of the body working together and to ensure the unity and harmony inside the body.

TCM uses Four Diagnostic Method to view a person holistically and connects root areas of weakness and imbalances to health conditions.

The four methods includes

  • Inspection
  • Listening and smelling
  • Inquiry
  • pulse reading and palpation.

Since the organs and tissues of the body are interdependent physiologically and mutually affected pathologically, physicians are able to assess the status of internal organs and construct a detailed picture of the patient's disease based on the symptoms, pulse and tongue signs of the patient.

For example, the tongue has special relationships with the internal organs. The tongue body and its coating create the tongue signs, which are an important factor in diagnosis. Changes in the tongue signs reflect changes of organ functioning, blood and qi activities, body fluid metabolism, and progressing direction of diseases. These approach also identify kidney strength, liver “heatiness”, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular issues (e.g,  formation of blood clots), blockage of “qi”, etc. 

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