Online Health Consultation

Welcome to our therapy center online!

At B4ItHappens, your wellbeing is our priority and we are excited to embark with you on your journey towards better, more vibrant health.

We will walk you through understanding your body better, with a holistic diagnosis and treatment approach. This involves taking into consideration multiple aspects including your health history and lifestyle, in order to form a complete picture that identifies the underlying reasons for the diagnosis. 

Why Online Health Consultation?

  • Inexpensive consultation at the comfort of your home.
  • Get direct access to experienced professionals from 3 perspectives: the medical team, modern Chinese medicine and nutritional medicine.
  • We restore organ vitality to enable cellular repair with tailored physician grade nutraceuticals.

How our Online Health Consultation Works?

Step 1: To begin with a consultation, kindly follow this link.

Step 2: Payment at e-store

Step 3: Click and download the relevant system/diseases questionnaires from below. If more than 1 questionnaires are chosen, you are required to fill up the general part once and answer the rest of the specific questions in the last section.

Step 4: Fill up the questionnaires, attach with your payment proof, blood test result (not later than 6 months), medical report if available and send it to

Step 5: Thank you for choosing us as your care provider. We will send your consultation report through email within 5 working days.

Please click and download the relevant questionnaires:

  • Cardiovascular System Questionnaire
  • Diabetes Questionnaire
  • Digestive System Questionnaire
  • Immune System Questionnaire
  • Liver Health Questionnaire
  • Men's Health Questionnaire
  • Thyroid Health Questionnaire
  • Women's Health Questionnaire

     If you have any enquiries, please call us at our Customer Service Hotline 018-2500 123/250/448 or leave us a message below. We will get back to you soon.