Why an Integrated Approach?

B4ithappens is an integrative nutrition medicine center that connects conventional medical practices with alternative therapies, helping our clients restore their inner wellness using 100% natural and drug-free approach.

Conventional medicine identifies illnesses through the use of various diagnostic tools together with the knowledge of signs and symptoms. Disorders are usually approached by isolating organs, according to disease manifestation. Alternative medicine views disorders from a cellular level and addresses the problem holistically instead of just treating the symptoms. Dr. Matthias Rath, an expert on cellular medicine, explains that nutrients in the body do not work in isolation, but instead interact with each other to meet the maximum biological synergy effect. Diseases develop when cells lack adequate nutrient supply.

For example, when treating diabetes, orthodox medicine will prescribe insulin to a patient in order to control blood sugar levels. An integrative approach takes into account the root cause of the disease, which is pancreatic insufficiency and insulin insensitivity and provides the body with nutrients and/or herbs that address the whole system. Having this integrated approach ensures the treatment you receive is both holistic and effective. 

 Here is what you can expect from our integrated approach:

  1. An initial consultation with our therapist is very important in the session. We will allocate time with the client, understand their histories and look at the genetic interaction, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence their health problems. As we are all unique individuals, an interview session is necessary to get to know them better and from that, we can strategies a treatment plan tailored to your needs and help you achieve your goals.
  2. The 3D Molecular bioresonance scan identifies the stress level in the organ or tissues at a cellular level. Through the usage of the 3D Scan, almost every known pathological condition, disease and illnesses even before any physical symptoms occur can be diagnosed. It determines the stress level of all organs and systems and provides the therapist with the most unique tool to analyze the body without having to make a medical or surgical intrusion.
  3. TCM physicians looks for the underlying imbalances and dis-harmonies behind an illness and do not focus solely on the disease. They are able to evaluate the status of internal organs and construct a detailed picture of the patient's disease based on the symptoms, pulse and tongue signs of the client. Our TCM practitioners uses a variety of therapies, including Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion and chiropractic to restore the harmony and balance in the human body.
  4. Laboratory investigation such as blood test, heavy metal test as well as urine test will be offered based on client’s health condition to aid the therapy.