Activa Well Being Detox (45 capsules)

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  • Ingredients 100 % natural that stimulate bowel regulation & waste elimination.
  • Contains a fiber-rich algae complex to support bowel cleansing and purification.
  • The algae capture and eliminate the pollutants responsible for body clogging (heavy metals, pesticide residues and radioactive ions).
  • Fucus: Rich in fibers & trace elements, Fucus facilitates intestinal transit and promotes healthy bowels habits.
  • Kelp alginic acid: Being from algae origin, it has the capacity to absorb 200-300 times its own weight in water.  It binds harmful residues build up in the body and supports its elimination.
  • Lithothamnion: With pH between 9 and 12 it maintains an ideal and stable pH stomach balance for improved digestion and elimination.
  • Ascophyllum: Thanks to its high concentration in vitamin, this algae helps tissues oxygenation and strengthening.

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