Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (100g)

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  • Nourish the spleen and promote Qi due to the Qi deficiency.
  • The central Qi provides the vital energy of the body including the internal organs and physical activities. When Qi is weak, the organs like stomach, uterus, and rectum fail to  support themselves and thus droop; the body loses the physical strength and shows fatigue, tiredness, weakness, laziness of speech.
  • Replenishing Qi, elevating the spleen Yang to cure drooping; for fatigue and lack of physical strength; for prolapse of internal organs such as rectum prolapse, uterus prolapse, and stomach prolapse.
  • Increase the activity of natural killer cells in the blood and increase the serum level of interferon-gamma (IFN-g), which are crucial in our body's defense against pathogens
  • Enhances the immune function and protects the body from infections of bacteria and virus and from immmunosuppression due to radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or stress in animal and human.