Cordymax (60 Capsules)

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Cordyceps sinensis, a medicinal mushroom with amazing potential, is a native of the CordyMax consist of Cordyceps sinensis which produce through special techniques to hybridize Cordyceps using rattlesnake venom, creating unique strains containing the highest concentrations of bioactive compounds of any Cordyceps found today:

Grown Only in Glass Containers – Not plastic or Metal!

Grown at Only 50% atmospheric Oxygen!

Grown at Nearly Freezing Temperatures – Only 4° C!

Grown for 6 months! Not Fermented 4 or 5 days as in China!

100% USDA Certified Organic!

Benefits of CordyMax:

Increases Energy

-ATP Production ­ 30%

-Oxygen Utilization ­ 40%

Regulates Blood Sugar

Decreases Appetite

Increases Libido & Sexual Function

Decreases Alcohol Desire