Life Faxtor (30 Sachets)

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LIFEFAXTOR plays a crucial role as an immuno adaptive factor and transfer factor for restoring the imbalance in the 3 immune defense systems, often leading to most autoimmune and chronic degenerative diseases. This is essentially done in 3 stages:

First by accessing the small intestines via effective, sustainable cleansing.  Secondly, by restoring the immune response via healing inflammations, ulcers, and Immuno Adaptive factors. Finally, by resetting and reflourishing the small intestines to healthy original conditions to achieve optimum and sustainable health or recovery.

LIFEFAXTOR is best taken on empty stomach
Anyone with the following symptoms will benefit from LIFEFAXTOR :
  • Poor digestion & nutrient absorption e.g enzyme deficiency, bloated after meals, high body fats (triglycerides), anemia, lack of energy despite good rest and supplementation.
  • Poor immune regulation e.g. allergies, food sensitives, autoimmune conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis) and growths (polyps).
  • Poor organ signaling e.g. over/under secretion of gastric juice, poor appetite regulation, poor blood sugar regulation and irritable bowel syndrome.