Master Amino Acids Pattern (MAP)

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  1. What is MAP

MAP is made up of the 8 Essential Amino Acids. An essential amino acid is an amino acid that must be supplied in the diet. There are 8 Essential Amino Acids. Only when all 8 essential amino acids are available at the same time and in the correct ratio to each other can our body use them to repair and build cells. MAP contains all 8 Amino Acids in the exact ratio for human consumption.

  1. Special Features for MAP:
  • 99% Bio-availability
  • Absorb in 23 minutes
  • Capable of reducing blood sugar by 25%
  • Enhancing normal muscular density
  • Digested with no liver, kidney & heart stress
  • Recovering impaired organ function
  • Enhancing protein metabolism
  • Increasing energy level
  • No GMO
  • No Preservatives & Additives
  • No sugar or sodium


• Weight control
• Diabetic nutrition
• Athletes (build lean muscle)
• Pregnant & nursing mothers
• Anti-aging
• Clinical nutrition
• Vegetarians/ vegans
• Ketogenic diet support
• Preventing tumour cachexia
• Kidney & liver disease
• People with gout
• Rheumatism
• Arthrosis or inflammatory processes
• Stomach & bowel illness
• Countering metabolic disorders
• Countering immune weakness