Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg 90's

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-EPA 500mg, DHA 200mg per capsule

-Made from Canadian anchovies


-Protect your heart- reduce inflammation, hence reduce the risk of heart disease

-Reduce cholesterol especially bad cholesterol, eg. triglycerides

-Increase HDL (good cholesterol)

-Enhance memory- DHA will regenerate brain stem cells

 Comparison between DSY fish oil with other US & Malaysia's Leading Brand fish oil

Fish Oil (Brand) DSY Physician Grade US Brand Leading Retailer Brand US Leading Brand Malaysia Leading Brand
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Capsules/bottle  180 180 120 120 150
Active Ingredient EPA/DHA (mg) EPA500,DHA200 per 1000mg, 70% EPA300,DHA200 per 1000mg, 50% EPA540,DHA360 per 1500mg, 60% EPA375,DHA255 per 1175mg, 53.6% EPA396,DHA264 per 1200mg, 55%
Active Ingredient EPA/DHA (RM/Gram) RM2/g RM2.90/g RM3.53/g RM1.95/g RM2.37/g
Source Only Canadian anchovies Anchovies, sardines, mackerel, of the coast of Chile or Norway Wild, deep ocean fish  Wild Fish and Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba)  Cold water fish (Anchovy, Sardine & Mackerel)